Space TW20 True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Original price was: ₨ 4,800.Current price is: ₨ 3,299.

Space TW20  Bluetooth Handfree

  • Warranty: 12-Month
  • Features:
    • ✔️Noise Reduction
    • ✔️Integrated LCD Display
    • ✔️HD Stereo Sound
  • ✔️Dual Connectivity




Truly Wireless
Leave behind old-school dangling wires that ruin your mood and say goodbye to wires, forever with True Wireless Earphones TW-20. The Earphones are made specially to modify your listening experience and is the perfect fit for your ears.

Stereo Sound
Experience music like never before with True Wireless Earphones TW-20. The Earphones’ immersive, balanced sound provides a surreal feel that adds to the satisfaction of the user.

Dual Connectivity
Now staying in connection with two devices at once isn’t something to panic about. True Wireless Earphones TW-20 offers dual connectivity via which you can connect two different devices to the Earphones, simultaneously.

Noise Reduction
Music feels better when the sound is crystal clear. Keeping that in mind, True Wireless Earphones TW-20 features noise reduction which minimizes all unnecessary chaos in the background and delivers a strong, smooth sound for uninterrupted listening.

Integrated LCD Display
With a modern and portable charging case, True Wireless Earphones TW-20 are definitely the ideal choice. Its advanced integrated LCD display keeps you aware of the remaining battery so that, your daily fun never stops.


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