Blue Sphere 8000mAh 2USB Power Bank (Original)


Blue Sphere 8000mAh 2USB Power Bank 

Original Branded Power Bank (Black)

Large capacity

Fast charging

Affordable Power Bank

We will deliver a product review of a large capacity 8000mAh thin high-speed charging and power supply battery

We will review the products of batteries with large capacity, fast charging, reasonable price and triple time signature



High-speed charging starts immediately after connecting with 0 battery level! Reaction is fast

The remaining battery level in the battery is notified by a 4-step lamp.

Even if you have two, you can charge it perfectly! Is it surprisingly convenient to be able to charge two devices, such as charging with a tablet or for friends? No, it’s convenient enough to use!

Why don’t you take a break while charging the battery with your computer


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